Vibro Compaction Offshore and Land Based

While the principle of Vibro Compaction (flotation of grains into a denser state by vibration) is a simple concept, the application of the technology in an optimal manner is still an art that few have mastered.

The difficulty lies in the many parameters that can be varied and the narrow band in which those parameters have to be adjusted to deliver the desired results. Some of the parameters that can be varied are type of vibrator, grid spacing, holding time per depth interval, water pressure, location and type of water jets.

The examples on these pages show some of the works we have successfully undertaken.


This offshore application of the Vibro Compaction process was used on the North Lantau Expressway, Hong Kong for the compaction of a loose sandfill in preparation for the placement of a rockfill seawall on this sandfill.


Penny’s Bay Hong Kong: The world’s largest Vibro Compaction project. Penny’s Bay Reclamation (more than 40 million m3 up to 40 m deep).

Honk Kong Airport: The Honk Kong International Airport was constructed in large part from rock fill generated by basting a local bluff.
Sand fill areas with high loads were treated by Vibro Compaction. In 1995 this 12 million m3 project was the largest in the world.
Central Reclamation Hong Kong: The sand fill was improved by a Vibro Compaction treatment prior to other construction activity.


Port of Monaco
A layer of up to 20 m thick cobble fill had to be compacted working offshore through 32 m of water. Penetration was achieved through the cobble fill with average grain sizes of around 10 cm and maximum sizes of 25 cm in diameter.

Lausitz, Germany
The photo shows a V32 vibroprobe on its way down to a world record depth of over 68 m (223 ft). More than 500 million cubic metres of sand have been compacted to protect the slopes of the open pit exclavations in East Germany.

The access to the new Hong Kong Airport
A major infrastructure project. Extensive marine and land compaction works were carried out by Vibroflotation Group.

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